Client Testimonials about Hemp Public Relations

We take great passion and pride providing both Clients & the Media with exceptional service.

Hemp Public Relations_Testimonials

“Mark & Ryan always been there whenever I have any public relation questions.They have referred me to many media outlets which has increased my exposure and business. Anyone needing public relations exposure should consult with these true professionals.”
Vincent Parco / Private Investigator & Reality TV Star

“Mark & Ryan are really high octane guys. They give the impression they work 24/7.I often get emails from them at 1 – 2 am NY time. They are very diligent and caring and highly creative. I’m delighted with the PR work they have done for me over the last few years. I’d recommend them to anyone.”
– Stuart Wilde, World Renowned Author & Metaphysician

“Hemp Public Relations is hands down the hardest working PR agency that I have ever encountered, let alone hired. They work tirelessly, 24/7, and clearly love what they do. As a person in entertainment, I am extremely grateful to have found an agency who is truly on my team. Hemp Public Relations integrates traditional methods (national television spots, exposure in major publications/radio etc) with the latest in grass roots and internet marketing. If you’re looking for a PR group, start your search now. I guarantee you will be flooded with dozens of PR “experts” happy to take your money every month. If you want a team with integrity, endless energy and an ability to put you on the map and grow your presence all over said map, Hemp Public Relations are the way to go.”
– Comedienne & Future Emmy Nominated Actress Bernadette Pauley

“I have had the pleasure of working with both Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick. Besides being knowledgeable about social media and PR, they have always been above board with what is possible. They’ve also been respectful if I said I wasn’t going to be any media promotions for a time. They helped me with numerous radio interviews and designed a website for a new project. If there were additions or corrections for the website they were always prompt and effective. Besides, these guys are fun….A Scorpio and an Aquarius! There you have a hardworking, creative team. I heartily recommend Hemp Public Relations.”- Constance Stellas / Best Selling Author

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